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Our Purpose

We strive to offer our consumers and clients high value-added products derived from cannabis plants, helping patients in Colombia and around the world to achieve enhanced wellbeing. We actively promote shared benefits for all stakeholders along the value chain by abiding to fair business models founded on trust, strictly within the boundaries of the law.

Our Story

In April 2018, Clever Leaves became the first Colombian company to be fully-licensed in medical cannabis cultivation and extraction; as well as receiving production quotas on both harvest and extraction.  It is also recognized as the first Colombian operator to receive the permit to export product from Colombia as well as to import product into Canada.

With this, the company is executing on its mission: Bring pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis solutions for patients globally.

Clever Leaves was founded in 2016 with the vision of forging a strong operating team based on low-cost, high quality medical products which could shape the industry for Colombia and eventually the world. 

The vision depending on careful and detailed strategic planning on various fronts. By the end of 2018, Clever Leaves was operating 5 hectares of cultivation as well as one of Latin America’s first GMP-compliant extraction facilities. With the goal of operating on over 100 hectares by 2023, Clever Leaves is in the process of a significant expansion.  With approximately 200 employees, Clever Leaves is one of the fastest-growing and largest operators in Colombia.

Advisory Team Lead Geneticist
Cannabis Specialist. Master Grower. 30+ yrs. cannabis industry
Director Project Development
MBA. Industrial Engineer. 9 yrs. Strategic Planning experience
Director Legal Department
LLM. LLB Lawyer. 15+ yrs. corporate affairs, ethics & compliance, commercial contracts, institutional relations, and sustainability experience
Head of Cultivation
MBA. Hydraulics and Fert irrigation Specialist. 20+ yrs. experience in Floriculture and Cane production in Colombia
M.D. Neurologist
Pediatric Intensivist and Master Neuroimmunology. 10+ yrs. experience pediatric management of diseases of the central nervous system; University Professor
M.D. Anesthesiologist.
15+ yrs. Experience. University Professor. Master Regional Anesthesiologist
Finance & Admin Manager
Accountant. 9+ yrs. experience financial planning, corporate accounting, and regulatory and financial reporting
CRO & Co-Founder
17+ yrs. experience in Government – Drug Policy Director, Ministry of Justice – International Drug Policy Consultant
CIO & Co-Founder
MBA. 13+ yrs. of experience. 10+ Health Sector in Colombia. 3+ medical cannabis industry – Founding member of Asocolcanna
CEO & Co-Founder
MBA. 18+ yrs. Experience: Consulting (retail and mass consumption). Corporate CEO. Entrepreneurship in Colombia